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Invest In Ads That Work

Our team has years of combined experience in PPC Advertising, ready to identify the best strategies to deliver results on the most effective budgets.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising is universally considered one of the most effective and powerful ways to advertise on the internet. Since 2010, Xsalta has managed hundreds of campaigns through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. Our experienced team is able to deliver upwards of hundreds of qualified leads every month, and help nurture these leads to patient conversions.

Whether a campaign is budgeted at hundreds of dollars a month or tens of thousands, we have the resources and the flexibility to reach your marketing goals effectively and affordably. Campaign fees include specialized ad creative, routine data analysis, custom designed placement strategies, daily campaign maintenance, and regular reporting.


A professionally managed PPC Ad Campaign will ensure optimal targeting and effective creative, designed to ensure efficient placements and the best ROI. No other advertising option exists that delivers the same degree of targeting, trackability, and flexibility.

In fact, each lead is filtered through custom landing pages that are designed to get the right information to your front office and functionally enabled to generate real time analytics that can help deliver the best results from your campaign. PPC Ads offer quality leads that convert and don't waste your time or money!

  • Design effective ad campaigns
  • Create data-driven strategies
  • Track and nurture new inquiries
  • Analyze results and improve ROI
I am busy in my practice. I don't have time to stay up on all of the latest in Web Marketing. Xsalta makes it easy for me and I am seeing results. Dr. Kim Cress